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For Employers

Imagine this: Added Benefit  + Saving money  +  Wait times and stress  = Happy Employees
At a time when employees are asked to contribute more to their healthcare, Teladoc enables you to offer an additional benefit—one that gives them convenient, timely and affordable access to healthcare, 24/7, from U.S. board-certified physicians. All while reducing cost by redirecting members from unnecessary urgent care or ER visits.

When can employees use Teladoc?

When they are considering urgent care or the ER for nonemergency care
After normal office hours
When their doctor is unavailable
For pediatric care for any age
From rural locations where the ER may be the only option

What conditions can Teladoc treat?

Sore throat and stuffy nose
Cold and flu symptoms
Respiratory infection
Skin conditions
Poison ivy
Pink eye
Ear infection
And more